Manage your company’s entities or subsidiaries in one system without logging in and out of databases.

Cumulus's Intercompany Reconciliation

Our system compiles intercompany journals from all accounts (i.e. accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger), and provides an efficient method for reviewing these transactions. You have the choice of producing a voucher that needs to be settled by a subsidiary, establishing a receivable to track payment, developing an off-setting journal, or disregarding the intercompany transaction.

Intercompany Rules

Rules are created between companies to form the appropriate debit and credit entries when processing transactions, such as journal entries and payable invoices.


The advanced financial report writer provides the ability to create consolidated financial statements.  The accounts payable and accounts receivable aging report provides the ability to have a holistic view of all payables and receivables from all or selected companies.

Chart of Accounts, Customers, Vendors

This system provides you the capacity to share your chart of accounts, vendor information, and customer profiles between all your businesses, with the added assurance that secure protocols protect who has access to which account numbers, customers and vendors.