Job Cost Cloud Software Designed to Help you do more

Gravity's Job Cost solution has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of contractors, subcontractors, land developers, and specialty contractors in automating and streamlining their accounting, job costing, billing, resource planning, document management, and reporting requirements.


Job master simplifies your business operations by allowing you to link customers, job locations, project supervisors and contract data. You can keep track of permits applied for and received and attach them, plus any relevant documents or emails, to each job for archiving. This enables quick and efficient close-out of every job.

Work Types

Assign multiple work types to accurately assess costs and budgets on a job. Establish pre-determined rates and labor overheads.  Work Types are rolled up to summary levels for quick evaluation.

Job Groups

Job Groups are an efficient way to monitor a range of jobs under a single project. For instance, you can track each home in a subdivision, view the costs and profits of the entire area, and even assess individual jobs.

Financial Summary

Through the financial summary, we can view the projected costs, costs committed from purchases, and the costs actually incurred. If more detail is desired, you drill down to the actual source.

Job Estimates/Budgets

Estimate the job cost by work type, and easily enter a markup rate, burden rate, and retainage rate for a job.  Estimate labor hours and cost. The system provides version controls when cost change.  Track Change Orders.

Timecard Management

With the system, you can accurately monitor the labor hours, wages and overtime worked by each employee, job, and work type. Furthermore, track both approved and unapproved timecards.

Schedule of Values

By establishing a schedule of values, you can quickly generate customer invoices. You can opt for either percentage- or dollar-based progress billing, and the system will calculate any retainage. Lastly, it offers you the convenience of final retainage billing.


With the press of a button, you can quickly and conveniently generate AIA G702 and G703 forms. Additionally, our system allows you to easily track and change orders and retainage on the forms.

Full Accounting Integration

The job cost system effortlessly works with the accounting components. You can add expenses as journal entries, track committed costs through purchase orders, and actual costs through accounts payable, monitor invoices and payments with accounts receivable, and transfer inventories to any job.