Yes, I’ve heard this before, “Over budget!”  Being over budget can break a business.  You may have one of the best Project Managers out there, but they’re only as good as the information they have, and when they have the information.  Project Managers need to have real-time insights into the actual and committed cost associated with a job, at all times.  They need to be able view all actual costs for each cost category and compare it to their estimated cost, in real-time so they can make better informed decisions.

As contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors, if you’re feeling any of the pains listed below, then read on:

  • Controlling Costs – Over budget!
  • Tracking profitability on a job
  • Meeting project schedules – Not enough manpower to complete the job
  • Not knowing the committed cost
  • Not having the specified drawings and documents on the job. What about change orders?
  • Track Retainage – Late billing and collecting
  • Manually producing G702 and G703 AIA documents

A Fully Integrated Job Costing and Accounting System

Gravity Software™ (Gravity) has partnered with Cumulus Apps to develop a robust Job Cost solution that seamlessly integrates with Gravity’s cloud-based business financials.  What makes this partnership special?  Well, Gravity and Cumulus Apps are built from the ground up on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (aka Microsoft CRM) platform.  There’s no need to manage two separate systems. Project Managers can track the progress of a job and also the financial status of a job at any time.  Providing the ability to make changes, before the job is complete to assure the job is profitable.

Just think of Cumulus Apps’ Job Costing solution as one solution that can help your business automate and streamline your accounting, job costing, resource planning, reporting and document management needs.  Want to learn more, schedule your online demo with Cumulus Apps today!  Remember… Cumulus Apps = Job Cost Made Easy.

For more information, check out our YouTube videos…

Cumulus and Gravity partner video Overview of the collaborative effort between Cumulus Apps and Gravity to create the Cumulus Job Cost solution.
Cumulus Apps Job Cost features video Detailed walk-through of the features and capabilities Cumulus Job Cost provides.

Ready to see a live full demo?  Use the following link to send our sales team a request email. Tell us about your requirements and frustrations and we’ll try to tailor the demo to address your needs and demonstrate how Cumulus Job Cost can benefit your business.