The Gravity Software™ (Gravity) Accounts Payable module provides the ability to manage and track vendors, invoices, and cash distribution.  The module is seamlessly integrated with general ledger, job costing, purchasing, inventory and banking.  Accounts Payable provides the ability to easily manage and track vendor invoices, credit memos, job cost,  inventory returns, intercompany billing and purchase order matching.  Supports non-inventory and inventory invoicing, discounts, and recurring invoices. Payment options include manual, printed checks or ACH.  Pay a single invoice or a batch of invoices.

The system provides duplicate invoices checking to prevent any invoice from being paid twice.

The Accounts Payable module provides the following features:

• Unlimited Vendors & Contacts                                       • Set default terms, discounts, tax schedule and expense account
• Unlimited Addresses (Main, Remit, Purchase)           • Track credit limits
• Restrict Vendor Access by Company                            • Easily apply credits to invoices or payments
• Unlimited Vendor Classes                                               • Print checks or send ACH payments
• Place Vendors on Hold                                                    • User defined recurring cycles to automate invoice processing
• Add Notes & Activities                                                     • Seamless integration with Banking, Purchasing, Inventory, Jobs & Ledger
• 1099 Processing                                                                • Duplicate Invoice Checking                                                                                      •  Track Vendor Cost by Item                                            • Automatically calculate due and discount dates
• ACH email notifications                                                  • Enter and track invoices, credit memos and returns                                        • Full Audit Trails                                                                 • Unlimited Documents (Excel, PDF, Word, etc)
• Batch Check Selection                                                     • Vendor Management includes emails, task, activity management                • Summary & Detail Aging Reports                                 • Dashboards provide summary overdue invoices and payments
• Associate vouchers to Jobs and work categories      • And much more..