Managing a job is difficult enough, why should you have to worry about your accounting software?  Whether you’re struggling to decipher which vendors to pay per job, properly invoice customers, or track your costs at any stage of the job, sometimes QuickBooks or a similar entry-level software cannot keep up.  At Cumulus Applications, we believe that there’s an easier way for contractors to manage their finances – and everything else that goes into managing a job.  Our cloud-based solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, AKA your newest sidekick.  This integrated accounting solution incorporates payables, receivables, ledger, inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), workflow, and more, all powered by Gravity Software™.  Having an all-in-one solution not only makes your job easier, but everyone else’s around you.

Cumulus Applications Simplifies Job Management By:

  • Easy Document Management – Instead of searching for supporting job documents, you can store them in a single location and access them from anywhere.
  • Real-Time Job Financial Information – Track each job’s committed, estimate, and actual costs with constantly-updated financials. Simply enter the percent or amount to invoice and the system generates the invoice and supporting AIA G702 and G703 documents, saving so much time!
  • Cloud-Based Accessibility – Your job and financial information are easily accessible from a computer, tablet, or even your phone!
  • Custom Dashboards – No one-size-fits-all solutions here!  The system includes lots of dashboards to help you manage your jobs and finances.  Dashboards are customizable to each job, can represent job status, billing, profit, and more!  Cost categories are user defined and can even be updated by department, including design, equipment rental, or anything else you could imagine.
  • Boosting Efficiency – With all of these systems seamlessly integrated, you no longer have to log in and out of different programs to find the information you need, nor do you have to be concerned if the systems are up to date.  All of that saved time translates to a greater focus on your job site!

At the end of the day, time is money for contractors and subcontractors. By combining your financials, CRM, document management, and job management into one easy-to-use solution, your job (costing) becomes much simpler.  To learn more about Cumulus Applications or to schedule a demo of our solution, contact us today.

To get more details, view the video below…