The Gravity Software™ (Gravity) Banking module provides the ability to reconcile and manage bank and credit card accounts.  The module is seamlessly integrated with cash receipts from receivables, payments from payables and ledger.

The Bank Book provides the ability to easily enter transactions that affect the bank or credit card balance.  Setup user defined automatic recurring entries such as service charges.

Connect your bank account to the banking module and all of your banking transactions are available for reconciliation.  Easily create journals, checks or a voucher with a check when performing online matching.



The Banking module provides the following features:

• Unlimited Bank Accounts                                             • Unlimited Credit Card Accounts
• Unlimited Companies                                                    • Multicurrency Accounts
• Matching Rules                                                                • Bank Book Entries (Checks, Deposits, Service Charges, Interest Earned)
• Search Transactions                                                       • Seamless integration with Cash Receipts from Receivables
• Sort Transactions                                                            • Seamless integration with Payments from Payables
• Add Notes                                                                        • Recurring Transactions (Service Charges, Other Charges)
• Separate Apply & Entry Dates