Gravity's accounts payable software simplifies the way companies manage their payables. It streamlines invoice processing, payment disbursement, and vendor management.

Creating and managing invoices for vendors has never been easier! With automated recurring capabilities and duplicate invoice checking, you can ensure accuracy and efficiency. With user-defined terms customizable per vendor, invoices can be quickly corrected with a single keystroke. Moreover, you can charge back multiple companies on one invoice and attach a copy, enter notes, and track emails with ease.

Approvals for Vouchers or Payments

Cumulus offers a tailored approval system to suit your individual needs. Whether it's for an invoice or payment, the approval process can be initiated via email, through Microsoft Teams, or even through the Microsoft Approval App on your phone. Approvers can assign expenses to different accounts too.

Sales & Use, VAT Taxes

As a small business owner, you have the ability to configure tax rates based on one or several jurisdictions. Each line item on the invoice can have a distinct taxation schedule. Additionally, with Make VAT Digital, you can effortlessly process your Value Added Tax payments.


To help make sure you stay compliant, Gravity tracks your 1099 vendor amounts. It automatically flags vendors who require a 1099 form. Plus, you can easily adjust it on an invoice-by-invoice basis. When tax time comes, you can easily review what was marked 1099 and make any necessary changes.

Quick Bill/Check
Create an invoice and print out a check on the same page, or log the payment with the invoice. In addition, use advanced features such as crediting multiple companies, 1099 forms, and using associate reporting dimensions.
Payment Processing
Simplify your accounts payable by paying individual invoices or bulk payments to one or multiple vendors. You can also apply filters to vendors, classifications, due dates, and jobs to find what you need quickly. Payments can be made in full or partially. You can print checks on standard paper or Print Boss for custom options, or simply record the payment without printing.

Manage purchase orders, receiving and revisions.  Perform two or three-way matching.  Select different delivery addresses, include non-inventory and inventory items on a purchase order.  Select a job to track committed cost.

With a purchase order, it's possible to select each line item and require a receiver even non-inventory items so you can be sure they have been received. When they have been received, they can be easily matched with the purchase order and the invoice.