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The company’s founders have over 55 years of experience providing computer solutions to business of all sizes and industries.

The company was formed with a vision to utilize the next generation of intelligent business applications, along with personalization, to automate and improve processes for small to midsize businesses.

Many businesses have outgrown their accounting systems with insufficient reporting, duplicate data, manual processes, siloed systems and security issues.  Our goal is to provide solutions that are affordable, easy to use and help them do more with less.


Maureen Okerstrom, CEO and President

Prior to Cumulus Applications Corporation, Ms. Okerstrom was President of Renovo Corporation, where she was tasked to launch this new division for FlexiInternational Software in 2010.  She built the company from the ground up including building business plans, staffing, product vision, sales, marketing, support and services.  The company offered a web-based financial report writer and was considered one of the top financial report writers in the industry with over 5,000 users.  The company was profitable by the time Ms. Okerstrom departed.

Prior to launching Renovo Corporation, Ms. Okerstrom rejoined FlexiInternational Software and was tasked with turning around the company’s sales.  She was able to quickly turn around sales by creating the sales and marketing vision and successfully executing this vision. The company offered a mid-market ERP or Financial Accounting Software solution. Ms. Okerstrom continually accepted additional managerial responsibilities including consulting, services and product marketing.

Ms. Okerstrom initially joined FlexiInternational Software in 1996, which was a startup and helped them grow sales to over $40 million in three years, including helping them successfully launch their IPO.  She assisted them in acquiring several customers including CitiBank, SEB and forming a strategic relationship with Fiserv and McKesson. Ms. Okerstrom was an Advisory Representative at IBM and held various positions at Platinum Software (Epicor Software) where she also assisted them with a very successful IPO.

William C. “Chuck” Okerstrom, CTO

Mr. Okerstrom has continually immersed himself in new and upcoming technologies throughout his career.  Prior to Cumulus Applications Corporation, Mr. Okerstrom was founder of Continuen LLC, where he had a successful development organization that provided contract programming services.  He led a team of developers, providing technical expertise, project planning and time management utilizing the latest technologies in HTML 5 and C#, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Mr. Okerstrom joined an internet startup, Omnipay, that provided a web-based e-commerce payment system where technology requirements included new standards of HTML, JavaScript, C/C#, Microsoft SQL and Web servers, firewalls and co-location facilities.  During his five-year tenure, he became fluent in PHP, Perl, Python, C/C# and MS SQL as well as the many necessary skills for early Internet pioneers like DNS, mitigating DDOS attacks, security monitoring and detection, website failover and data replication.

Mr. Okerstrom started in the PC industry as the service manager for a local computer store, Entre’ Computers, when DOS, Basic, dBase and Lotus 123 were leading technologies and Novell & Ethernet networks were up and coming.  Later in his career, he shifted to becoming a technology specialist, IT manager and systems administrator for corporate IT environments at Rockwell Collins, Scientific Atlanta and GE’s Energy Control Systems. These environments all required mastering a large array of very diverse systems, technologies and programming languages from Sun Unix servers & Cisco routers to VPN’s & IP subnets, as well as soft skills such as communication, planning and documentation.  Mr. Okerstrom was in the forefront when the Internet started to gain traction and was instrumental in planning and implementing some of the first websites and internet resources to be used by these corporations.

Customer Testimonial

“We were struggling with QuickBooks:  No easy way to pay vendors by job, customer invoicing was difficult, having to manually produce G702/G703 AIA documents, no document management, and on and on.  With Cumulus Apps Job Cost we’ve now moved from always trying to catch up on paperwork and accounting issues to really being able to grow our business.   So now we have real-time information about our jobs and can make timely adjustments to ensure we’re profitable.  It’s amazing what a difference a great job costing and accounting solution can make for a business!”

— John Coleman
Coleman Fire Protection, LLC

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