About Cumulus Applications

The company was formed with a vision to utilize the next generation of intelligent business applications, along with personalization, to automate and improve processes for small, growing and midsize businesses.

Many businesses have outgrown their early accounting systems with insufficient reporting, duplicate data, manual processes, siloed systems and security issues.  Our goal is to help these growing businesses do more with less by providing the next-level of solutions that are affordable and easy to use.

Cumulus Applications selected to partner with Gravity Software to provide a modern and flexible platform.


Our executive founders have over 50 years of combined experience in the software industry, creating solutions for businesses of all sizes and across many industries.

Maureen Okerstrom

President and CEO

Prior to founding Cumulus Applications, Ms. Okerstrom served as president of multiple software companies, including FlexiInternational, an enterprise accounting software provider, as well as a startup financial technology company, Renovo, that grew to over 5,000 users during her tenure. She has a proven track record in leading companies through acquisitions, successful IPOs, and acquiring key strategic customers and partnerships.

William “Chuck” Okerstrom


Mr. Okerstrom has continually immersed himself in innovative technology throughout his career. Prior to co-founding Cumulus Applications, Mr. Okerstrom was founder of Continuen LLC, providing contract programming services with a focus on HTML 5 and C#, and Microsoft SQL Server. He expertise also includes JavaScript, Web servers, PHP, Perl, Python, security, firewalls and more through his experiences in both enterprise and startup environments, including Omnipay, Rockwell Collins, Scientific Atlanta and GE’s Energy Control Systems.

Customer Testimonial

“We were struggling with QuickBooks:  No easy way to pay vendors by job, customer invoicing was difficult, having to manually produce G702/G703 AIA documents, no document management, and on and on.  With Cumulus Apps Job Cost we’ve now moved from always trying to catch up on paperwork and accounting issues to really being able to grow our business.  So now we have real-time information about our jobs and can make timely adjustments to ensure we’re profitable.  It’s amazing what a difference a great job costing and accounting solution can make for a business!”

— John Coleman
Coleman Fire Protection, LLC

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